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Professional photography restoration in Bribie Island

Photographs are the best way of capturing and preserving memories to be enjoyed by future generations. Photographs can have the power to capture moments, tell stories and communicate emotions across time, so it’s important we enhance, preserve, and protect them for posterity.

As a printed medium, photographs can suffer wear caused by time or light damage. The old adage that the camera never lies is also very true, with some otherwise beautiful photographs spoiled by bad framing, background objects, and other intrusions into the moment. 

Cathy McFarlane is a professional photographic restoration expert based in Bribie Island who specialises in transforming photographs into perfection. By retouching, restoring, and professionally editing your treasured photographs, Cathy McFarlane can enhance those captured moments and turn them into works of art that will take pride of place on your wall, your gallery or in your special photo albums.

Photographic services

It takes a unique and skilful eye to carry out the technical work that Cathy McFarlane specialises in but it is her ability to understand the vision you have for your photographs that sets her apart and allows her to truly find the emotional and creative heart of the image to produce stunning results.

Cathy McFarlane provides a comprehensive range of photography restoration services for all occasions and applications, including:

  • Copy and restoration of old and new photographs
  • Digital retouching
  • Hand colouring of sepia or black and white photographs
  • Family montages
  • Removal of backgrounds
  • Addition or removal of people in groups
  • Transfer of negatives and slides to print or disc
  • Digital imaging and graphics
  • Creative presentation
  • And much more!
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About Cathy McFarlane

Cathy McFarlane has a lifelong passion for photography and by using her creative flair, qualifications, and wealth of experience across various areas of the medium, she has created a unique service dedicated to capturing the heart of your most precious moments.

Cathy McFarlane works from a state-of-the-art studio equipped with the latest equipment and digital software. By combining cutting edge techniques with innovation, artistic vision, and unique creative ability, Cathy McFarlane can transform your treasured photographs into something truly magical.

To have your treasured memories restored, retouched and enhanced, call Cathy McFarlane today on 07 3410 7309.

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