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    cathy mcfarlane photo restoration

    How often do you look at a picture and see the perfect smile spoiled by a thumb over the lens, something odd in the background or an unwanted intrusion into a perfect moment?

    Do you have an otherwise beautiful group photograph that would be perfect if only a certain person could have been there for it?

    Or do you have a treasured picture from the past that has been ravaged by time?

    By using the highest quality photographic and digital editing equipment, Cathy McFarlane can provide incredible solutions to all of these common problems and many more.

    Specialist photographic restoration

    Cathy McFarlane is a talented, passionate and highly skilled creative artist with over 35 years of experience who uses her unique skills and qualifications in photography to offer a range of photographic restoration services designed to enhance and preserve your precious photographs. Her services include:

    • Retouching
    • Restoration
    • Copying
    • Editing
    • Cropping
    • Enhancement
    • Clearing and spotting of old photographs
    • Removal of backgrounds
    • Presentation

    Individual and family portraits

    Cathy McFarlane specialises in reproducing both individual and family portraits, retouching and perfecting your existing images or creating magnificent portraits from other sources. If you would like to create an individual portrait from a group photograph or even add a missing person to a family photo, then Cathy McFarlane has the skills and experience to create a new image with astounding results.

    Experienced photographic specialist

    Cathy McFarlane has worked for various photographic studios and professional labs in many roles including art conservation and photo restoration. This unique skill set allows her to create everything from retouched family photographs and stunning artwork for walls and galleries to purposeful pieces ideal for businesses and commercial enterprises.

    Photographs that tell a story

    Every single photograph captures a moment, but only the best have the magical ability to communicate emotion and tell a story. Cathy McFarlane is able to instil photographs with these special qualities and capture the essence of an image to create beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime, inspiring and moving people for generations to come.

    Other services

    We also offer a range of presentation options for your special photographs, including:

    • Printing to any medium
    • Negatives and slides transferred to print or disc
    • Custom framing

    To release the hidden beauty in your favourite photographs, call Cathy McFarlane today on 07 3410 7309 .

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